Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas - Unique Phuket Wedding Planners
Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas

Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas

Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas  – Phuket Flowers by Toom

Unique Phuket Wedding Planners carry out most of the wedding planning functions in-house and we can help you to focus on creating your wedding flowers setup ideas.   We describe our simple process here whether we are your wedding planners or if you would like us to help just with Wedding decorations.

Supparin has her own Wedding decorations business and more details on Wedding Flowers and wedding flower design can be found here:  Wedding Flowers Phuket.

How To Plan Your Wedding

But we have learned from experience that the wedding flowers design is a key part of any wedding plan and almost anything is possible in Phuket. So here we try here and help further to achieve that ideal wedding flowers design for your wedding. We would, of course, do this process as your wedding planners but we have gained experience and knowledge by also being asked to perform the same process by other Phuket Wedding Planners and local resorts and hotels.

We hope these pictures below stimulate some creative ideas for your Wedding design? Also, if an image is similar to your design idea we can discuss and make the necessary changes to match exactly – discussing and refining your wedding flowers design all the way up to your wedding day.

To help with your wedding flowers design ideas, shown below are the wedding flowers setups that we have created or have been asked to create at Phuket weddings over the last year. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list but a starting point & inspiration for your own Wedding Flowers setup ideas.

Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas – My Favourites

There are of course many weddings flowers designs shown below in the wedding flowers setups ideas gallery but these are my favourites.

Choosing the right the wedding setup from all the wedding flowers setups may seem daunting but just email me and we can work on creating your unique wedding flowers setup design together.

Wedding Flowers Setups Design – Simple Process

The process to start your Wedding Flowers Design is simple.

  1. Send me your reference pictures that highlight your design idea, colour palette, plus any special requests.
  2. Send me your reference pictures that highlight the type of flower, import and local etc.
  3. I will send you back a complete design idea with colour, type of flowers and a single price for everything including the setup. Each item of your Wedding Flowers setup design will be individually priced to help you with your wedding budget planning.
  4. We review, discuss and refine your wedding flower design until the design and cost match your ideas and budget requirements.
  5. Once your Wedding Flowers design is complete and mutually agreed you will receive a wedding flowers design spreadsheet as a quotation if we are not your wedding planner. If we are your wedding planner, we then send you a complete Wedding Design document within 3 months of booking. This outlines what we understand as your wedding flower setup ideas and then togther we refine your wedding design until we match your wedding design ideas exactly.

The reference pictures do not have to be exact but please choose the wedding flowers design images that highlight what you are looking for and trying to achieve in terms of overall design, flower type, colour and texture.

More ideas can be seen on our Pinterest account or on Pinterest generally.

Wedding Flowers Setup Ideas – Gallery

Most of the wedding flowers setups ideas are my own design as Unique Phuket Wedding Planners and a few I was asked to make possible. But all the wedding flowers setups are our work so we know from experience how to make that ideal wedding design for your special day.  Credit to other wedding planners for they support and help is appreciated.

The wedding planners involved were: Unique Phuket Wedding Planners, Phuket Sunset Wedding, Marry me Thailand, LOVE IN JS & ZHEN EVENT and MoMo to name a few. For more about Phuket Wedding Costs visit our post.

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