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Beach Wedding Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony

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Plan your Beach Wedding Ceremony

… Phuket of Phang Nga?

If you have family from different ends of the world then Phuket is an ideal location for your small intimate beach wedding ceremony. As well as the wedding plans and wedding day itself, Phuket offers many other activities that can make the wedding vacation both memorable and fulfilling for all the families.

Unique Phuket Wedding Planners have been successfully planning Beach Weddings for many years and we thoroughly enjoy this part of our work.  We understand that budgets are tight with families travelling from all over the world. So we have designed beach wedding packages that can cater for any realistic budget.

Our beach wedding ceremony planning process is also very simple, as we send the complete wedding  packages that can be tailored to your exact requirements. After booking, we spend time on a couple of emails to understand your wedding theme and colors and once we are both happy with the wedding design, you can then concentrate with your families on planning your wedding vacation in Phuket.

A month before the wedding date, we will touch base with you for the final wedding preparations, confirming your wedding vows and ceremony music etc plus confirming your hotel and arrival details.

On the wedding day we pick you and all your guests up in private air-conditioned minivans and take care of all the arrangements.

The beach wedding normally starts around 5pm and we will have you back to your hotel or next planned location to continue your celebrations at around 7:30 pm. 

Beach Wedding Ceremony
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