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Dreaming of the perfect Thailand Wedding?

Paul & Supparin are Destination Wedding Planners based in Phuket that can help you with your special Beach Wedding, Renewal of Vows, Elopement or luxury Villa Marriage ceremony in Thailand.

We have successfully planned many Western Weddings, Thai Weddings and Buddhist Weddings as we are a English & Thai couple that work together merging the 2 cultures. Our planning and logistics approach to wedding organization is western style but the wedding design our companies’ culture is based on the Thai Buddhist values of Honesty, sacrifice, and patience with positive attitude. With many years of experience as an established team in Phuket, we will ensure that your special day will be memorable. Our planning, booking and deposit process is comprehensive but simple and straight forward. We always keep you informed of events in Phuket. You are then free to concentrate your efforts on family and guests knowing that your plans in Phuket are in our safe hands on your Wedding Day. Once you have decided on a Wedding Date the next priority is to choose the type of Wedding Service and a suitable Wedding Destination Venue and we can help and advise with both.

So if you are planning to get married in Thailand, do contact Unique Phuket Wedding Planners and we can help you quickly – Contact us or request a Wedding Quotation today.

unique phuket wedding planners

As established Phuket Wedding Planners we can advise you on all your wedding venue choices as we know most of the Phuket Villa or Beach locations. We can also advise on wedding hair & makeup, wedding video artists and Phuket photography artists plus any other wedding event related vendors.

Other Wedding Services

We are also able to advise and or plan for other aspects of your wedding including:

    • Thai Marriage – if the legal process to get married in Thailand is something else you would like to include in your Wedding vacation planning. We can quickly outline the process for a Thai legal wedding and all the documents required.
    • Buddhist Weddings we have planned many authentic Thai Buddhist weddings, not just a tourist Thai theme wedding as offered by many resorts. We guide you all the way through an ensure that your follow and enjoy the Thai Wedding Etiquette. We do also combine your special day with a Western Ceremony & Wedding Reception after the visit to the Buddhist temple or after the visit by the Buddhist Monks.
    • Engagement Photography with  one of our recommended professional wedding photographers.
    • Pre wedding Photography sessions.
    • Pre Wedding Events like Wedding arrival parties.
    • Post Wedding Events so you guests have a memorable trip to Thailand
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After many years of experience and developing processes that help keep the cost of a wedding in Thailand reasonable. How much is a wedding in Thailand is a frequently asked question and you can find out more on our recent post.

Thailand Wedding Planners & Partners

As your Thai Wedding Planners, We are affordable without compromising on elegance & quality as we can provide most services in house.  Also we, collaborate with the best wedding professionals in Thailand to the deliver the Unique Wedding Service expected.  In addition to wedding planning, we can also help with pre wedding events. engagement photography shoots and also pre and post wedding parties.  We work with the best phuket wedding Hair & Makeup, Photography, Videography and  Florists so almost all requests are possible with the extended Phuket Bridal Planning Team of Unique Phuket.


The Unique Phuket wedding planning team consists of both western and Thai wedding professionals to ensure the best support and unparalleled service to our clients during their special event and stay in Phuket, Thailand.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Thailand

Beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets make Thailand a dream destination for couples planning a wedding and honeymoon abroad. Of the hundreds of enchanting Thai islands, from the  lesser known Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai to the best known islands of Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand and Phuket, the pearl of the Andaman, couples from Asia, Europe and the US have plenty of of options to ponder their ideal wedding destination in Thailand.

Planning a wedding on the other side of the world may seem costly and out of reach (pro rata excluding travel weddings in Thailand are significantly better value than in western countries), but there’s a reason so many couples are making the decision to say “I do” on a beach in Thailand. This mystical land exudes romance and elegance, with the soft Thai culture, friendly local faces offering warm smiles and ornate wedding garments. Not only can you expect an exotically delicious fairytale ceremony, but it marks the start of a wonderful adventure for couples in a foreign land, embarking into marriage by leaving the familiar of home and traveling into the unfamiliar, hand in hand.

In terms of facilities, Thailand second to none. There are plenty of accommodations of all kinds from the standard hotels and resorts to the world-class international hotel chains . For those who prefer a private estate, Thailand has an abundance of luxury villas where one can rent the whole property and create a memorable and intimate private villa wedding.  It’s rich in nature and fascinating topography might make it hard for couples to pinpoint what kind of wedding venue in Thailand they should choose to tie the knot. We are based in Phuket as we believe that Phuket offers the best destination and facilities but for completeness there are six destinations that are popular choices for wedding locations or places to visit during your wedding vacation. These destinations are also considered the top tourist destinations in Thailand due to its natural charm and high grade facilities.


One of the most popular wedding venues in Bangkok is certainly the riverside area where there are many five-star hotels and resorts available for the-husband-and-wife-to-be to choose. A wedding on the cruise is another alternative place for those who love the river and do not want just to choose one view – cruise might be the perfect answer


There are many beaches with luxury accommodations in Phuket that couples can choose to get married. Whether it is going to be a five-star beachfront resort, a private villa overlooking the ocean or a simple remote beach it is all up to the couple’s desire. Alternative venues such as a yacht, underwater, cliff or even on elephant back wedding are also available depending on guests’ preferences. This is what has made Phuket the premier wedding destination in Thailand and on the list as a wedding destination worldwide.

Phuket has non-stop international flights to over 49 cities worldwide, making it easy for wedding guests to travel to the island.

Koh Samui

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is truly an incredible place for island wedding . There are many pristine beaches on the island where couples can choose to wed in style in a stylish world-class hotel or on a beach – it is up to one’s choice. A private beach wedding is still possible in some properties on the island where it has a private beach area.


Located in the south sea of Thailand, Krabi is a real hidden gem of the Andaman Sea. This province features numerous natural wonders – from stunning rock cliff in Railay to the magnificent blue lagoon in Koh Hong. Just only these natural treasures suffice for being a reason one should tie the knot here.

The province has its airport operating regular flights to Bangkok, Koh Samui, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. 

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the land of culture, tradition and arts. Located in the north of Thailand, the province is famous for its culture and the slow life locals lead. Chiang Mai weather is much cooler when compared to Phuket, however; it can get very hot during the summer.

Chiang Mai provides great access to over 30 cities worldwide with over 300 international flights and over 900 domestic flights weekly.

When planning a destination wedding in Thailand we can offer this advice:

  • Plan with the Thai seasons. It all comes down to personal preference when planning your wedding around Thailand’s seasons. During the months of May to October, the gray clouds roll in, resulting in sporadic showers almost daily. Instead, many opt to visit during the cool or “high” season from November to February, when the temperatures are quite pleasant and the rains have subsided. Rainy season does have its perks, though. If you’re keeping to a budget, search for special packages and offers during these months, as travel prices drop due to decreased tourism and the drop in prices during low season is significant.
  • Research Thai culture and history. Before jumping into wedding planning, take time to read up on Thai culture and history, especially wedding etiquette. This will not only prepare you for the journey ahead, but fosters a more intimate perspective of this charming country and its people. It’s also essential to know what to expect when it comes to cultural norms.  Marriage is sacred in Thailand and deeply respected, with Buddhist rituals and ancient traditions that are held in the highest regard.
  • Pre Wedding trip. Plan a pre-wedding trip to Thailand beforehand and visit the different provinces to get a feel for the local vibes and to find the beach or venue that captures your heart entirely. Without the stress of the unknown, you have a more realistic picture of what your wedding will look like, get an idea for accommodation prices and locations and let’s not forget…you’ll have a blast as you explore Southeast Asia paradise.
  • Wedding Guests. A destination wedding can be a stretch for your guests when it comes to requesting off from work and travel costs. Focus on making the trip as seamless as possible for them. For a wedding held at home, it’s typical to mail wedding invitations at least eight weeks out. For a wedding abroad, much more notice is needed to plan accordingly. Make your wedding invitations a top priority and get them out the door as soon as possible, as early as 24 months in advance – create a Wedding website and RSVP online can only help speed this process up and we Unique Phuket Wedding Planners can help and advise on this if required. Offer a variety of affordable accommodation options (we has your wedding planner can quickly help you with this)  and help take the guesswork out of transportation and travel documents for them. We also suggest planning small pre wedding Cocktail parties and Sunset events before and after your wedding for your guests so their trip is memorable and compliments the wedding as the highlight of their trip. These small pre wedding events also great ice breakers so your guests are ready to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. There will be guests that won’t attend because of the travel, but it doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate the big day with you. Organize a formal get together at home for those who aren’t able to make it to Thailand. It’s the perfect way to include all of your closest friends and family in one of the most important days of your life.

Legal Marriage in Thailand

Going the international route with your legal wedding in Thailand can raise questions about how the laws may differ from having the wedding nuptials at home. Contact the embassy Thailand for up-to-date information on documentation, visas and other specifics regarding how your marriage will be legally recognized once you get back home.  You are required to submit an affidavit to show eligibility of marriage to the Thai government. Do your homework and get the paperwork done early to avoid headaches down the road. Our straightforward schedule allows you to obtain a legal marriage in Thailand, completed during your wedding ceremony. Whether you choose to conduct the legalities of your marriage at home before leaving for Thailand or opt for our flexible and straightforward arrangement to officiate your marriage in Thailand, your wedding ceremony will be a memorable and unforgettable occasion. For those choosing a legal marriage in Thailand, our simple, relaxed process involves spending 1or 2 working weekdays in Bangkok at our translation agency and Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare your marriage paperwork for completion at your wedding ceremony. We do suggest that this Bangkok visit is at least 10 working days before you wedding date to ensure that all is in order and ready for your wedding day. Guided by our experience and helpful staff in Bangkok, your short stay in colorful Bangkok will mark the exciting beginning of your wedding in Thailand and you can plan to explore this wonderful city.  After the legalities are conducted in Bangkok, Unique Phuket Wedding Planners arranges for a local district officer to be present at your wedding ceremony. This means that your legal Thai wedding certificate. after it has been translated from Thai back into you home language will show your wedding day as the date of your marriage and your wedding in Thailand will be recognized legally in your home country. We also provide a ceremonial wedding certificate as an additional memento, allowing 2 more witnesses to be involved in your special day.

Same Sex Weddings in Thailand

We have planned many same-sex marriage celebrations and although Same sex marriage in Thailand is not legally recognized, so you would need to complete your legal paperwork at home, all other aspects of our planning are unchanged. We will make sure your private wedding ceremony in Thailand, complete with vow exchange and certificate signing, looks and feels special, in the same way that most couples keen to avoid the administrative elements of a Legal marriage choose to complete their legalities at home but have their wedding celebration in Thailand. We assist all your guests with discounted, handpicked accommodation, and also arrange pre and post wedding celebrations as required.  


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