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Wedding Planning Questions

Wedding Planning Questions

Wedding Planning Questions to ask

Wedding Planning Questions to ask us.... and we ask a simple set of wedding questions so we can quickly plan and cost your wedding plans in Phuket or Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have planned hundred of weddings including beach and villa weddings. Please visit our online Google, Trust Pilot and Facebook reviews.

With beach weddings, our team is large enough for us to plan up to 3 beach weddings a week in high season. Villa weddings, we plan for one villa wedding a month.

We know nearly all the professional wedding vendor in Phuket and we tend to work with the same vendors where possible so we build strong relationships. After booking, we send you a list of or preferred wedding vendors but at all times you are free to choose the ideal vendors for you your wedding.

Our fees are adjusted to the size and complexity of your wedding and event. It is always shown clearly as a separate item on all quotations we send.

Unique Phuket Wedding Planners is owned and run by Paul & Supparin. Supparin is a wedding florists and Paul a  wedding celebrant We also have an extended Florist team of up to 10 professional wedding Florists who we can call upon. The additional wedding and event functions are supplemented by established  known Phuket vendors.

Paul & Supparin attend all Unique Phuket events.

Your booking wedding quotation and Wedding Spreadsheet manage your wedding plan and costs throughout the planning process. This never changes without email confirmation. Therefore, we keep a tight control on your budget. If you add elements we will always try to secure the best price on your behalf.

Formal communication is via email and tracked with or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

This also provides a Wedding Portal to all Unique Phuket wedding clients that has the latest wedding spreadsheet quotation, wedding contract and other important documents.

Samepage Collaboration Software:  After booking we share with you, your DEDICATED Wedding Samepage project to share ideas. images, chats and to discuss plans quickly in a single place. This prevents decisions being lost in email trains and instant messenger messages.

We are always available by phone if all else fails

We understand that plans change and we will always be flexible with delays and/or postponements. We will also  work on your behalf with other vendors for the best possible solution and unforeseen events.

Yes of course – an outline is on this website on the Polices and Privacy pages and we send a contract for review with every quotation.

Wedding Questions

We hope by us answering these wedding questions you concerns are addressed about having your destination wedding in Phuket.  When you are ready, please get in touch, ideally via the wedding inquiry form so we can send you quickly a wedding plan and costs for your destination wedding in Phuket.

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