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Wedding Planning
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Getting Started

Wedding Planning: It is important that we start your Phuket Wedding Planning of your Unique Wedding day properly and these are the type of questions we ask initially:

Some typical  Wedding Planning questions are below and you can also download a copy of the questionnaire. Wedding Introduction Planning Questions download.

We are Paul and Supparin. Thank you for your interest in Unique Phuket Wedding Planners here in Phuket, Thailand. We really want to ensure that your special day goes all to plan.  We are experienced Wedding Organizers in Phuket and Thailand. Therefore, if you would answer the following initial questions so that we have a good start on the wedding planning your special day.

After reviewing the Wedding Planning questions to start, we have prepared a simple Wedding Inquiry Form for you to complete and submit BELOW with the key information required so that we can reply by return with a very good budgetary estimate for your Wedding.

We do have a BEACH WEDDING, VILLA WEDDING, WEDDING VOW RENEWAL & ELOPEMENT packages that help in keeping the cost reasonable. We will then tailor one of these Wedding Packages to your submitted requirements.

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Typical Wedding Planning Questions

  • General:
    • What date are you planning for your wedding?
    • Do you require a marriage license?
    • Do you want a minister of your faith to reside over the exchanging of vows?
    • How many guests will you have? What Nationality (s) are you?
    • What are your arrival and departure dates to Thailand?
    • Do you have travel insurance?
  • Wedding Ceremony:
    • What location would you like the ceremony to take place in?  Villa, Hotel or Beach, etc.
    • Do you have a preference in which area of Phuket and surrounding area you want to have the ceremony?
    • What type of ceremony would you like?   Colors and themes, Simple or elegant. Please let us know your ideas.
    • Do you have any special requests?
    • Do you need help with a wedding dress or Grooms attire etc?
    • Do you need help with a hairdresser or makeup person?
    • Do you need a photographer?
    • Do you need a florist?
    • Do you want a Wedding Cake?
  • Post Wedding Ceremony:
    • What type of post-ceremony celebration would you like?  Traditional (seated – formal) or something different (BBQ – causal)?
    • What location would you like the celebration to take place in?  Villa, Hotel or Restaurant, etc.
    • How many guests will attend? Do you want any entertainment post-celebration dinner?  Live music, disco, etc What type of Bar service do you want?
    • Do you need a photographer for the evening?
    • Travel: Do you require Air Tickets or transfer from the Airport?
    • Do you need a hotel for your stay in Thailand?
    • Do you need transport during your stay in Thailand?
  • and finally – Do you have any other special requests?

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Wedding Inquiry

When you are ready, complete the WEDDING INQUIRY Form below and we will come back to you quickly with an accurate budgetary estimate for your Wedding or Event:

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Plan & Quotation

After receiving you wedding questionnaire, we review your wedding brief and discuss a suitable venue. You wedding budget wil help us choose the most suitable wedding venue initially.

Once a venue has been been discussed up, we will then create you wedding plan with costs. We call this your Wedding Spreadsheet/Quotation This spreadsheet will be the key document from which we both plan and execute your wedding plan. It is a living document and can change up to in including your wedding day.

The Wedding Spreadsheet/Quotation is the basis of our Wedding contract and outlines your wedding plan at any moment in Time. 

The Wedding Spreadsheet/Quotation is also used to determine deposit payments as a percentage of total cost of outstanding balance.

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Review & Adjust

Before Wedding Booking

The Spreadsheet/Quotation can be revised until the cost and venue are correct and a wedding plan that you are happy with. The current balance of your Spreadsheet/Quotation is the amount we use to determined your wedding deposit.

After Wedding Booking

Your Spreadsheet/Quotation is still a living document. From experience his will be revised continually until your wedding day. With Unique Phuket, the Spreadsheet/Quotation is never changed without email confirmation.

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Wedding Booking

Wedding date, wedding venue and your wedding planner are decided, You have paid your booking deposit on 20% of Spreadsheet/Quotation balance. The initial stages of the wedding planning process is complete. The key is that all the key element of any wedding are now booked , or will be booked – confirmed with a contractual binding deposit payment.

Now the wedding planning can start in earnest. Unique Phuket starts the process with then sending of preferred vendor lists and example wedding menus to start.

Planning Tool: We use a semi-automatic Customer Relationship Management system that reduces the number of emails and the fact that items get missed with emails. This ensures that we capture all decisions and instructions.

Notwithstanding the tools – both Paul & Supparin are available to help personally as your Wedding Planners, discuss options or anything else that will help in us together ensuring your successful wedding and wedding day.

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