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Phuket Wedding Vow Renewal 18

Phuket Wedding Vow Renewal

Sara & Brendan Phuket Wedding Vow Renewal Phuket

One of our favorite jobs as Phuket Wedding Planners is organizing Phuket Wedding Vow Renewals on Layan Beach in Phuket.

Sara and Brendan from New Zealand had married 10 years ago and then honeymooned in Singapore. This time they would renew their vows in Phuket with Unique Phuket Wedding Planners and then stop off on there way home, in Singapore.  This was the reverse of the “first time” but this time there was one major difference – their children Ryder Alan Peter Hodge who is 7 yrs and our daughter Harper-Rose Dorothy Hodge who is 3yrs.  So this Ceremony and Special Day was just as much about them as well as Sara & Brendan.

Both Ryder and Harper-Rose were fully involved in the Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony, they both signed as Witnesses; so it was a great Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony on a beautiful day in Phuket.

We did find out that this special trip had been made possible by the passing of a close family member the year before – so just prior to the Beach Wedding Vow Renewal the whole family had visited the local Thai Temple for a small blessing ceremony and paid respects to the family member that had recently passed on, Supparin as the guide and the translator.

So a wonderful afternoon and a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.  Thank you Sara & Brendan & family for entrusting us at Unique Phuket Wedding Planners with such a special family occasion.

Paul & Supparin

There were many people involved in this Phuket Beach Destination Wedding Vow Renewal but we would like to acknowledge the following:

Wedding Celebrant:  Wedding Celebrant – Paul Cunliffe
Photographer & Videographer: Chalong Loyasmut
Florist: Phuket Flowers by Toom ( )

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