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About Us: Unique Phuket Wedding Planners evolved from a simple Flower shop just under 5 years ago.  The shop was started by Supparin but she soon moved from the shop to work with customers online with their Wedding Flowers designs and requirements. This business blossomed and with Paul working more and more with Supparin and his own Business PC Consulting Asia; Unique Phuket Wedding Planners was created.

Paul also then started his own Wedding Celebrant business so he could be the Wedding Celebrant for Unique Phuket customers and for other Wedding Planners in Phuket.  So Wedding Celebrant Asia become part of our Wedding Company family.

We have a number of close Event and Wedding Partners that we collaborate regularly with to market Unique Phuket Wedding Planner’s services to around the World.

Over the years delivering successful Destination Weddings here in Phuket we have worked with some great vendors and again built up a relationship that ensures the Wedding Couple get the best service in Phuket for their very Special Event.


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